Thursday, June 25, 2009

Six Silly Things that Make Me Happy

Lynda of Diva Designs tagged me today to list “Six Silly Things That Make Me Happy”. That got me to thinking because I’m basically a pretty happy girl and love a bit of silliness now and again so I decided I would play along. My theory about life is that laughter adds to the enjoyment of life. I'd much rather have laugh lines than frown lines, wouldn't you?
In addition to letting Lynda know I'm playing, I am tagging six of my favorite bloggers to play along. Come on and play, it's summertime and silliness is part of what keeps us young!

Six Silly Things That Make Me Happy
1. A happy surprise when I open the mailbox.
2. Watching my dogs play – the tiny little toy poodle thinks she’s bad!
3. Getting together with friends to play with clay.
4. A good “feel good” movie on tv.
5. Watching the butterflies dance in my flower garden.
6. The fresh bloom of the pink rose my daughter gave me for Mother's Day last year.

OK – now I get to pass the torch to six of my favorite bloggers. Lynda would normally be in there but since she sent this to me, I guess I’ll give her a break!


OK ladies – it’s your turn – what six silly things make you happy?


Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Arlene! Thanks for helping me be silly(er). :)

Alice Stroppel said...

I'm always silly, so this shouldn't be hard for me.
Thank you for listing Polymer Clay Etc. as one of your favorite Blogs, I'm honored.