Monday, August 3, 2009

And the Winner is....

Back on July 20, I added a new post to my blog talking about the technique introduced to the polymer clay world by Yonat (Art by Yonat), who credits the initial inspiration of the technique to Idit Zoota, a polymer clay artist in Israel. The link to Yonat's tutorial is in my July 20 post.

At the end of that post I invited comments and announced that a name would be drawn randomly from those leaving comments for a 2" section of one of my new borderless canes. I am pleased to announce that:

The Winner Is:

Edie who commented: I love this technique, and the smell of the playdoh takes me back 45 years to preschool- and I think that encourages the child in me to play. It works well for caning and it does amazing things to my willingness to put aside my adult mind and experiment!

Edie's name was randomly drawn (by one of my co-workers) but I really love her comment about putting aside her adult mind and experimenting! Polymer clay in all its variety does that for me!

Edie – send me your snail mail address to me at the email address in the sidebar so I can get your borderless cane in the mail to you. Thanks to everybody who commented. It's always good to know that I'm not just writing this for my own entertainment (big grin)!

Now August is here – where has the summer gone???? I'm beginning to think about Christmas and what I want to do for my special ornament this year. Two years ago I made mirrored snowflakes. Last year was the Roly Poly Santas and the Long Tall Santa ornaments. They evolved together. Nothing has really grabbed my attention yet but I'm leaning in the direction of angels. Maybe something with a drapey skirt made over some type of a cone form, but I haven't really worked out all the details in my mind yet. I can see a lot of potential for using my borderless canes in the skirts!

Have any of you tried making something like this? I want the inside of the skirt hollow – like a bell – but I need for it to be strong enough to stand on its own. Any tips, suggestions, ideas on how to make this work?

By the way, I finished the nursery set that I mentioned in my last post. The picture frame was just the right size to hold a gift card to my niece's favorite store and the lotion bottle was just plain fun! This is the first of those that I've done but I'm thinking now that I need something a bit more decorative on my desk at work…. Anyway, here's a picture of the finished project. I really like the fact that I could use the flower canes sculpturally without having to worry about cutting the translucent border off without destroying the flower!!!! I LOVE this technique, can you tell?


Audrey said...

Congratulations Edie!! It's so much fun winning give aways!

Edie said...

I am so psyched to win! It was an excellent surprise to brighten my day. Woohoo!


Edie said...

This cane is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just speechless! I was out of town when it arrived, and I've got it on my clay table and I walk around it just admiring it ;-) I'm afraid of warping it when I slice it - but I'm determined to make something gorgeous with it. It is truly inspiring me to keep practicing and playing! Thank you for making my week!


Arlene Harrison said...

Be sure to read the next post about using poster tacky stuff to fill in the valleys before you slice. It works very well!

I'm so glad you like the cane. I enjoyed making it and love the darks and lights and how they came together. Enjoy and let me know what you make with it!