Friday, August 21, 2009

I've found the Perfect Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, Graduation Gift!

I guess I'm just getting old and cranky! For the last several years, I've decided that trying to find the "perfect" gift for each and every person on my gift list is a royal pain! Don't get me wrong, for those people that are really special to me, I do go the extra mile to give a really special gift. In fact most of the people that that are special EXPECT something handmade from me – even put in specific requests with a little hint on the end – remember I've got a birthday coming up!!! Love it!

But let's be real! I get invitations to baby showers, wedding showers, graduations, birthdays and all other manner of celebrations. Some of these folks I barely know, but I work with, go to church with, are friends with their "people". So some sort of gift is pretty much required. So what to do????

I solved the problem by giving the gift that is perfect for the baby shower, the wedding shower, the graduate and yes, even the birthday! I give a gift card. Lame? Yes, but it is the perfect fit, it does not matter if you get two just alike and nobody really cares what color it is! Still lame you say? Well….. the presentation makes all the difference!

I discovered a nice small picture frame that perfectly fits a gift card and can withstand the curing process for polymer clay. I cover the basic black frame with an appropriate design, cure the frame and do any finishing details. Once the card is inserted into the frame, add a bit of tissue and drop in a gift bag and wa-lah! the perfectly presented gift card. Plus once it's gone, the frame can be reused for the purpose originally intended. How great is that!!!

The picture shown here is for my nephew and niece-in-law who is going to have a little girl in September. The colors for her nursery are peach and soft jade green so I used those colors in combination with a blue sky and white clouds to create a great presentation for the gift card to the big box store closest to her in Virginia where they are stationed. I also covered a lotion bottle to match. She was very pleased and it took a minute or two before she realized that there was more to the gift than was initially apparent. A nice bonus!

This is something that I'm thinking about offering in my Etsy store. I'd have some that were pretty generic but would also take custom orders. What do ya'll think? It is something that would appeal to the masses?

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Mignon said...

I like it. As a matter of a fact, I love it. I'd even tag and title some as such - perfect this that or the other gift. I must admit that with the recession at our house, that all the ladies in the fam get jewelry and all the men get a print/greeting card of whatever painting I'm in the middle of at the time. So, I'm loving the idea that another artist gifts their creations. :) I think the masses will love it. I know I'm loving the soap/lotion dispenser.

Mignon :)