Monday, March 15, 2010

My newest design - a Golden Egg Trinket Box

Last year just before Easter, I found these cool little ceramic egg trinket boxes.  They were glazed with a garish color and design but because they were ceramic, I knew they would be perfect for one of my polymer clay creations.  At a polymer clay workshop that I went to last year, I got some very cool flexible molds from Penni Jo Couch, who sculpts her designs, then makes molds from them.  This particular mold has several flowers including a trumpet vine bloom, leaves and a dragongly.  A different mold that I purchased from her after the class had a hummingbird and so the design developed.

The egg is covered in a custom mix of metallic gold and yellow and rolled pretty thin before applying to the outside of the ceramic egg.  Then a swirl pattern was added to the base layer. 

Next I used the Penni Jo mold to add leaves and flowers to the top of the egg.  The hummingbird came next, then the row of small leaf clusters to hide the join between the upper and lower portions of the egg.  The final touch was to add an earthy antiquing medium to bring out the details in the designs. 

I have this Golden Egg Trinket Box listed in my Etsy shop so drop on by.  If gold is not your preferred color, let me know what color you want yours made in.


Its All About Creating said...

I love how you have the top of the design over-lapping the base of the egg. The design is gorgeous and what a great idea covering the egg! So appropos for Easter. I would love to find that egg and put it in my basket! It is just beautiful. - Marlene

Arlene Harrison said...

Thank you! I actually had forgotten that I had bought 10 of these egg shaped trinket boxes last year just before Easter and did not get anything done with them. Then I found them when I was looking for something else in my "Easter" box. I'm hoping to get another one or two done before Easter but time does fly!