Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look what Guadalupe did with Tina's tutorial!

Remember back last week when I was so excited about Tina Holden's tutorial?  Well, I wasn't the only one.  While rambling today through the blogs that I follow, I found a post with a necklace that grabbed my attention.  I go to looking a bit closer and sure 'nuf!  It was a butterfly necklace made using Tina's tutorial.  I must say that Guadalupe did a great job and -- hey! It's a butterfly!  How much better could it get????  I do LOVE butterflies, just in case ya'll haven't picked up on that. 

Now let me tell you how much better it could get.  One of us could win that beautiful necklace!!!  Guadalupe (aka Mirame Creations) is hosting a giveaway for your choice of butterfly pendants.  Click the link to go directly to the post about her giveaway.

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