Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing what you find when you clean your studio!

As I mentioned a few posts back, life has been getting in the way of my claying. I'd grab a minute or two here and there but no real quality time, if you know what I mean. Well, last weekend was our local clay guild meeting so I packed everything in my traveling bag and off I went. Had a blast learning to make layered petal flowers. I was tired when I got home so I didn't unpack anything, just parked my traveling bag by the door and crawled into my rocker/recliner for a nice long nap.

Got home from church Sunday and decided that before I unpacked anything, I really needed to do some cleaning in my studio. It was a disaster with a capital D! It still is since I ran out of time and energy but I was determined that everything was going to be put away before I unpacked my traveling bag (it's still packed, by the way!)  But progress is being made, slowly but surely.

BUT, in the process of cleaning, I found a whole tray of beads that I had made, baked and tumbled! All that needed to be done was to buff them, take pictures and add them to my Etsy shop. Well, I got the buffing and pictures done… Now if I can find a few minutes to list them, maybe after choir practice tonight…..  If you want to get a more close up view, go to my Flickr site.  This is always a good place to go to see what I've been up to before it hits the blog or my Etsy store.

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