Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to do the Funky Chicken!!!

I'll bet you thought I was talking about dancing, didn't you?  Nope this is all about plant pokes and putting some fun into your houseplants. 

About three years I attended a decorative painting conference in Houston, Texas and took classes for a lovely lady named Doxie Keller who taught us how to paint funky chickens on white or cream men's shirts to wear as an overshirt.  I gave the shirt to my mother because she fell in love with it when I showed her what we had done in Houston.

It was not long after that conference that I discovered polymer clay and the paints, patterns and brushes went by the wayside.  After almost 30 years as a decorative, I was burned out and looking for a new outlet -- which I found in polymer clay. 

But back to the funky chickens....  I was going through a drawer looking for something else and ran across one of the pictures of some of the funky chickens that Doxie had given us as a part of the class supplies.  I thought - how cool would that be done in polymer clay.  But what would I do with them?  Poke them in a plant, of course!  Every plant needs a friend - right!!!

I cut out a plastic template to use for a pattern for my basic body shape, then went to town covering the body, then adding all sorts of cool things for feathers and wings.  The legs were fun too because I wanted them to dangle and have movement.  Some have glass beads for a bit of extra sparkle.  The eyes are small black glass beads and have a bit of sparkle all on their own. These were a lot of fun to make and make me think of spring!


Its All About Creating said...

Very cute! I love them. I love your use of the beads for legs and feet, etc. and your colors are wonderful! You really did go full circle. Would make cute pins too.-Marlene

Arlene Harrison said...

Thanks Marlene. I tend to get so involved with beads and bead making that sometimes I just need to do something FUN! These were fun and playful and allow my inner child to come out!