Friday, June 11, 2010

Disaster strikes at Harrison Hollow Designs

This has been an interesting week. Earlier this week I was debating whether to make canes with translucent packing or borderless canes.  The picture to the left shows a couple of variations on a fairly simple cane.

Then I decided that I would try my hand at writing a tutorial so last night I set my camera up by my worktable to take step-by-step pictures to go along with the written instructions. I got through the first couple of steps when the phone rang. Then disaster struck!

While getting up from my worktable to answer the phone, I tripped over the tripod leg sending it flying. I caught myself and managed to avoid falling only to discover that my camera was now in several pieces. The bottom part of the camera – where it screwed onto the tripod – was still attached to the tripod. The camera was all the way across the room with the batteries and the memory card scattered around it. That should tell you just how old this digital camera is – it still uses AA batteries for power! But regardless, it did work before it tried to fly – and took pretty good pictures to boot!

I gathered the parts and pieces and attempted to put it back together but without success – and believe me I TRIED! I hate to get part of the way into a project and have to stop and wait. Patience is definitely NOT my strong point!

Long story short, today I'm researching digital cameras and hope to find one within my price range tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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