Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Studio Remodel

Here's a quick glimpse into the chaos that I call my studio!

I've been complaining a lot lately about how life has been getting in the way of my creative time.  Part of that was caused by my need to get more organized.  Can any of you relate to that?

I've spent a fair amount of what little bit of free time I've had building wall units (shelves, pegboard) and cleaning up the resulting mess!  Have you ever noticed that before you can actually start organizing you (or at least I do) have to make a big mess moving everything out of the way so you can install the new stuff, then putting it all away in its proper place.  That's my ultimate goal -- to have a proper place for everything in the studio! Could be a life challenge at the rate I'm going but it's better than it was two weeks ago so progress is being made. 

Not everything has been put away yet - still blank space on the pegboard.  I'm a visual person so if I can't see it, I tend to forget I have it.  So hanging things on pegs works for me.

I also bought two storage units from Harbour Freight that is designed for storing screws, nuts, bolts, that sort of thing.  It works great for findings - bead caps, jump rings, eye pins, toggles, spacers, seed beads, glass beads... you know, all that stuff you have to have.  I have each drawer labeled and have them grouped in gold, silver and copper.  Works very well so far.

Now I can get back to doing what I love - creating!


Its All About Creating said...

Beautiful job! Everything within arm's reach; how convenient and organized. What is your system for pieces you have done, but haven't finished, didn't like or haven't sold? How do you store your canes and/or opened clay? Thanks for sharing. - Marlene

Arlene Harrison said...

Pieces done but not finished - right now they are in a tray waiting to be sanded. Finished but not sold - I have three 8 foot tall by 4 foot wide drawer units that I had custom built several years ago. The inventory is stored there. Canes - I wrap my canes with plastic wrap, then store them in a photo storage unit I found at Michaels. It has a clear outer case, then within that case there are either 10 or 12 clear containers that are designed to hold photos. Perfect for sorting and storing canes.