Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantasy Flamingos

Well – the luau birthday party was a success and the Fantasy Flamingos were finished with a little bit of time to spare! Here's a picture of the grouping that served as the centerpiece on the table. Check out the slideshow below for close-ups of the individual flamingos.

Since several people have asked me if I was going to do a tutorial for these, I decided to go forward with that as my next project. The cool thing about the way I make these is that it's almost foolproof, easy to have different areas of color without distortion and all you need to get started is a line drawing! Since Christmas is right around the corner, I'm thinking ornaments… maybe elves with red and green beaded legs…hmmmmm….

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Its All About Creating said...

Your Fantasy Flamingos are spectacular! I love them. You did a beautiful job - what a centerpiece! Ingenious!