Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sta-cation is over but here's a great deal for you!

My staycation is over…[imagine a sad face here :-(  ]. I'm back at my day job, missing my studio and my afternoon naps and my 2 am bedtimes! I just don't know why I but I get into creative mode about 8:00 p.m.!  I didn't accomplish everything that I wanted to over the week but I did get in some quality time in my studio. Monday was spent doing some much needed organizing, then I worked on some more of the "pandora" style beads with the chrome grommets on each end. I also pulled some of the beads that I've been making and hanging and put together some bracelets.

Now here is an opportunity for those of you who follow my blog.
I don't have these posted to my Etsy shop yet. My plan at the moment is to add them this weekend at a cost of $20.00 each plus $3.00 shipping. Purchases made through the blog before they are posted to the Etsy shop qualify for a 20% discount plus free shipping. You MUST mention that you saw it on my blog and agree to be billed through Paypal to qualify for the discount and free shipping. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal, just a credit card. Paypal is a secure online payment system that I've used for years without any problems. If you see something that appeals to you, send an email to me at arlene.harrison (at) gmail.com and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.  Now is a good time to start thinking about Christmas gifts too, you know!

On a similar note, if you see a bracelet you like but would rather have a different color of beads – say red, or green, yellow, whatever – instead of the blues that are used here, just let me know. If I have some in my stash and can make it up fairly easily, I'll offer the same discount and free shipping. These bracelets are made to fit the average wrist, measuring approximately 7 ½ to 8 inches. If you need one smaller or larger, just let me know.

Be sure to check back during the week. Tomorrow I'll be posting earrings…..  Now for some pictures:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Going to have a STAYcation!!!

I'm hearing this term a lot recently because people were amazed that I was talking a week off work and STAYING AT HOME!!!!!  I've already had to rein in one of my sisters who wanted to plan a trip for me with a lot of visits to friends and family in a very short time frame. Not my idea of a vacation!  No, I don't want to go ANYWHERE! I just want to stay home, rest, relax and play!
Here is a picture of one of my newer pieces that will go in the new shop:
I personally think it is a wonderful idea!  I plan to spend some quality time in my studio -- something that I've not been able to do much of lately.  I plan to go through my closet and toss everything that no longer fits (YEA!) in a box for Goodwill or Salvation Army.  I plan to get my second Etsy shop set up with some of my more upscale pieces and finally, I plan to take some nice long naps! Now how much of this actually gets done will be determined by a lot of factors that I have very little control over and I'll let ya'll know how my stay-cation goes.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

WOW! I'm going to be published!!!

I got some exciting news yesterday!!! I'm going to be a published polymer clay artist!!! The October 2010 issue of Polymer Café Magazine will include my article "Reel Jewelry" about how to create a decorative shell for the ugly black retractable reel that many of us have to have in our workplace.

Recently the law firm that I work for moved into a new "secured" building in the downtown area. They issued scan cards which we use to get in every exterior door on our three floors. They also issued either a plastic spirally type bracelet or a black nylon neck cord with a retractable reel to attach it to. UGLY!  PLAIN!  So, of course, I decided to try my hand at making this necessity more decorative.

After a fair amount of trial and error - several different ideas and numerous attempts – and melted reels – I worked out a method that works beautifully to create a decorative shell that the reel pops into. As businesses -- and schools, I'm discovering -- become more security conscious, more and more

people will be using something to keep those pesky scan cards and badges handy, so why not make them look good?

Just in case you need something more decorative and don't want to make it yourself, I have a great selection of Reel Jewelry lanyards available in my Etsy store.  Here are a few examples and, of course, custom orders are always welcome. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not just plain old clay! Time to vote for your PCAGOE Challenge favorites!

Every month the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE) issues a challenge to its members to help us stretch our talents and try new things.  This month's challenge was to use either paint, alcohol inks, foils and leaf in any combination to come up with our own individual designs.  We had 21 members accept the challenge this month -- including me! I believe we have some outstanding entries and now it's up to each of you to vote for your favorite.  Five (5) lucky public voters, chosen at random, will also win a beautiful polymer clay prize created by one of our many talented artists. So go to the PCAGOE website to see a much larger and more detailed picture of each entry,  vote for your top three favorites and automatically be entered to win one of five prizes.

1) Big Bites Pendant by BeeTreeByMe
2) Brooch B9026 by JanGeisen
3) Copper and Aqua Gingko Leaves Pendant by SCDiva
4) Fairy Floss Bracelet by OneandOnly
5) Small Dish by ThePleasantPheasant
6) Brown Flower by DebbieCrothers
7) Under the Deep Blue by ArrowdaleArtStudio
8) Roe Doubt by ZoeOwyn
9) Gold Leaf Bangle by HiGirls
10) Rose Copper Silver Enameled Pendant No. 105 by
11) Blue Sky Bead by LauraBeeStudios
12) Colorful Water Swirls Necklace by
13) Foil and Ink Polymer Clay Pendant by
14) Rocky Path Tutorial Pendant by RiverValleyDesign
15) Stained by IansCafe
16) Fiery Beads by LaurelSteven
17) Inspire Mosaic Pendant by MarciaPalmer
18) Elabradorite Hydra Choker by TheSageArts
19) Wheels Within Wheels by BlessedBeadJewelry
20) Butterflies in Flight by AshPaints
21) Rock ‘n Roll Bangle by RenGalSA