Friday, August 13, 2010

WOW! I'm going to be published!!!

I got some exciting news yesterday!!! I'm going to be a published polymer clay artist!!! The October 2010 issue of Polymer Café Magazine will include my article "Reel Jewelry" about how to create a decorative shell for the ugly black retractable reel that many of us have to have in our workplace.

Recently the law firm that I work for moved into a new "secured" building in the downtown area. They issued scan cards which we use to get in every exterior door on our three floors. They also issued either a plastic spirally type bracelet or a black nylon neck cord with a retractable reel to attach it to. UGLY!  PLAIN!  So, of course, I decided to try my hand at making this necessity more decorative.

After a fair amount of trial and error - several different ideas and numerous attempts – and melted reels – I worked out a method that works beautifully to create a decorative shell that the reel pops into. As businesses -- and schools, I'm discovering -- become more security conscious, more and more

people will be using something to keep those pesky scan cards and badges handy, so why not make them look good?

Just in case you need something more decorative and don't want to make it yourself, I have a great selection of Reel Jewelry lanyards available in my Etsy store.  Here are a few examples and, of course, custom orders are always welcome. 


Its All About Creating said...

Arlene..Congratulations! Love your Reel Jewelry. So clever as always. -Marlene

Alice Stroppel said...

Congratulations......How exciting.