Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angels we have heard on high

and seen in the Harrison Hollow Designs studio! Here are some of my newest projects for Christmas 2010.

The earrings start out with a ball of base clay. The fuchsia and goldenrod angels started with a copper base clay, the purple and the hot pink started with turquoise base clay. Then a selection of very thin slices of leaf and flower canes were added and rolled onto the base clay to create the millefoiri pattern. The round bead is then rolled into a cone and flattened on the end to create a “bell” looking bead then pierced so they can be strung together.
Once the bell beads are baked and tumbled and buffed to a nice shine, a small gold disk (for the angel’s halo), a pale peach colored Swarovski crystal (for the angel’s head) and goldtone “wing” findings are gathered to form the upper body. Then the angel earrings begin to come together!

First a complimentary seed bead, then the bell bead, then wings, head and halo -- walah!  It's an angel! Using my round-nosed pliers, I make a closed loop at the top and attach to the ear wires. Repeat for the other angel and you have a beautiful set of Angel Earrings! 

For a closer look, go to my Flickr site or my Etsy store.

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