Friday, January 21, 2011

Great start for the new year!

I usually have a lull between Christmas and Valentines Day where I can rest, relax, regroup and clean my studio -- which it desperately needs after the Christmas rush to get orders done and out the door! So.... there I was last Tuesday night resting and relaxing when an email came in from a sweet lady in New Hampshire who wanted to know if I could make 55 Mississippi ornaments and get them in the mail to arrive no later than today, January 21. 

Well, any of you who work with polymer clay know that some work can be done pretty quickly while other things tend to require a fair amount of time and labor.  I did accept the challenge and did about half of the ornaments with a smooth surfact that had to be sanded and buffed.  The othe half I did using a fair amount of texture which cuts down considerably on the sanding and buffing!  It was a good thing we had a holiday on Monday or I would have been burning some midnight oil for sure! 

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