Friday, February 4, 2011

So much for best laid plans....

In the last post I showed you some pieces that I had made using a new technique with alcohol inks and gold leaf.  I promised to update you as soon as I got some beading done with them.  Well, I casually mentioned to my daughter that I was thinking about taking a plastic storage cabinet out of my studio and replacing it with some wooden drawer units so that I could actually FIND stuff! I told her she could have the storage unit if they would come unload it and haul it away ... and help me get the new storage units set up in the studio.

So last Saturday me, my daughter and her boyfriend spend about half the day tearing my studio apart!  My small project grew -- as they tend to do at my house!  One of those "in order to be able do that, you first have to do this" type situations!!! Talk about a major mess!!! 

Now I have stacks of stuff everywhere -- in boxes and bags, in drawers waiting for their cabinets -- sitting on every available surface all over my studio!!!  I've gotten some of the work done toward getting it all back together -- in New and Improved format -- but since I'm still working fulltime, it's taking longer than I anticipated!  So no beading has been done and no pictures to show you.  Wish me luck over the weekend in getting things back in working order!!!

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Chris said...

Good luck! I moved my work desk recently and still have piles of stuff that need a new home. I went to mail some packages out yesterday and had to squeeze my arm through a small opening to get my packing supplies because there's still a pile in front of the cabinet door. *sigh*