Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I got an email from a new customer a few days ago.  She had found a picture somewhere on the web of a soap dispenser I had made for a PCAGOE challenge which I had named the "Make Mine Blue" soap dispenser.  I had not listed the soap dispenser in my Etsy shop because someone saw it at my Flickr site and purchased it before I had the chance to get it listed.  The new customer is redecorating her bath and wanted to know if I could make a soap dispenser in a design similar to the challenge entry.  She loved the colors and the design. 

I, of course, responded that I would be delighted to make another soap dispenser.   The first picture is the original dispenser.

I did not have another dispenser in exactly the same shape but sent my customer pictures of three styles so she could select the one she liked best.  The second dispenser is tapered so that it is smaller at the bottom and has a silvertone dispenser.  But I think beyond those minor factors, I was able to recreate the Make Mine Blue soap dispenser that I made for the PCAGOE challenge.  What do ya'll think?  Close enough?  So much of what I do is one of a kind that it is really a challenge to do a repeat.  I think I'll call this one Serendipity!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Introducing the Finger Painted Mosaic tutorial

I have a tremendous admiration and respect for the people who write tutorials on a regular basis.  It sounds easy enough.  Right?  As many tiles as I've made and mosaics I've put together you would think it would be a fairly simple process.  Right!  Wrong!!!

What I have found out is that it takes a lot of patience to make it happen.  It's been an interesting process of writing and taking pictures and pulling it all together.  I have to remember that people who purchase my tutorial may be anywhere between beginner and expert and that I need to have content that will meet the needs of clayers of all experience levels.

I'm also trying out a new feature that Etsy has for tutorials... an instant download feature.  Supposedly once I load the original PDF file, Etsy will take over and send the file out when a sale is made.  I sincerely hope that this works smoothly but if any of you have trouble with it, please let me know. It is now available in my Etsy store.