Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting ready for Easter

I teased you a bit with the yellow Daffodil Egg Trinket Box in my last post.  Since then I've done three more and they are so much fun!  I now have all four that have been completed and listed in my Etsy shop plus I have the option for the few remaining egg bases to be covered in the purchaser's choice of colors.  These lovely little trinket boxes measure just a tad over 3 inches and are a great place to store - or hide - treasures!!!  Let's look at all four:

This one I call Yellow Daffodils Egg Trinket Box.  It features a skinner blend on the top half topped by deep green leaves and a bouquet of flower blooms with a few trailing down the sides. A baroque looking trim edges the top and hugs the outside of the lower piece to keep things  snugly in place. 

A spiral stamp adds interest to the background and the baroque trim is repeated around the bottom.

This one I call the Purple Dragonfly Egg Trinket Box.  It is very similar to the daffodil design except that I've added dragonflies.  Another difference is that I used a skinner plug to give the flowers light to dark petals.  The join between the two pieces are covered by sprays of leaves and more of the flowers.


  On a different note, this one has no flowers.  Instead it is decorated with stylized fleur d'lis.  I call it Rose Fleur d'Lis Egg Trinket Box.  A rich rose background is textured, then a more detailed square flourish is added on the top and the design continues from each of the four corners. The stylized fleur d'lis you see on the side of the upper portion of the egg is repeated around the egg.  A more traditional fleur d'lis borders the top and snugs over the edge of the bottom portion.

A light brush of silver Rub 'n Buff brings out the details and adds contrast and interest.  

I've got to say, this one is my favorite.  I call it Copper Patina Egg Trinket Box.  It started with a random mix of teal and blue that once finished reminded me so much of patina'd copper that I just had to go that direction with it.  I used a metallic antique copper glaze to bring out the details. 

The set of molds that much of this design came from is from Penni Jo Couch's Etsy shop and reminds me of a vineyard.  I love these small molds!

So, which is your favorite? 

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