Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exciting times in Harrison Hollow!

This has been an exciting couple of weeks for me.  First I got a letter from the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi telling me that I was accepted for membership.  This means two very important things to me.  It validates my work, which all my friends and family think is great, hey, they are friends and family.  They love me and I so appreciate their support.  But having that validation from the premier crafts organization, one known for being very particular about who they let in, was a big plus for growing my business.  It also makes me eligible to participate in the Chimneyville Craft Show in December which is one of the biggest handmade art shows in Mississippi.  Scary but YEA!

The second exciting thing for me was the surprise birthday party that my daughters put together for me.  I guess I'm just not suspicion enough because I left my house Saturday night thinking we were going to run by my daughter's restaurant, C. W. Finn's in Flowood, for a quick meal then on to the Country/Western dance.  I even texted my daughter to make sure that they had room - because sometimes Saturday nights are packed with reservations - and she said sure, come on. (HA!)  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the restaurant to see a packed house!  And started recognizing faces! All of my family except the Florida crew, brother, sisters and their families, kids and grandkids!  Fun! The picture below is me with my immediate family.

and here is a picture with my brother and two sisters.  Love all these guys and gals!

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