Sunday, November 9, 2014

Countdown to Chimneyville - 25 days

It’s been a busy summer but it’s time now to get ready for Chimneyville Craft Fair.  Chimneyville is the annual “big show” for the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi and this will be my first year to participate.  After years of developing my skill set and with encouragement from friends and family, I submitted an application for membership for the spring review.  Membership in this organization is not something easily attained and I’ve talked to a number of people at other craft shows who have applied but did not get that magic acceptance letter.  So I feel truly blessed.

But then the hard work starts.  I’ve done craft shows before but not this big so I’m reworking displays, rethinking what I’ll take, beefing up inventory and generally working through the details.  
My primary focus will be on my polymer clay mosaics but I also love making Christmas ornaments and have been working on a few new styles to go with the ones I’ve made in the past.  

Over the next couple of weeks – until the Chimneyville Craft Fair on December 5, 6 and 7, I’m going to be sharing some of the items that I’m making with you.

Today I’m featuring Coiled Filigree Christmas Ornaments.  These are made by extruding long strings of clay, coiling them then applying them to a standard glass ornament.  More of the strings of clay are fitted into the areas around the coils.  I use a variety of colors, either all in one family or complimentary, on each of the ornaments.  Each one is unique and definitely one of a kind.  

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