Monday, July 27, 2015

At Home in the Enchanted Forest

It's hot in central Mississippi but I've still been hard at work in the studio getting ready for three fall shows. Here is the latest addition to my designs.

This was fun project and will be my entry in the PCAGOE monthly challenge. Our theme this month was fairy houses. I call this At Home in the Enchanted Forest. This fairy house vase started out as a simple green vase from the local general store. I chose it because the square shape reminded me of a chimney cap.

The "stones" on this fairy house are actually an illusion cane. You can create shadows which give the illusion of stones. The background that you see through the stones are not a part of the cane itself but show through the translucent center. Pretty cool! 

The flower canes are part of my "five finger" series of flower canes that aren't "packed" with translucent and the vines and leaves are simply hearts cut in two and textured with a needle tool.

The leaves at the bottom were just hand cut and shaped and a smaller version of the flowers were added around the bottom.  Swirls and curls go all around the bottom to give it a finished look.

One of the fun things that I used in this fairy house is the window panes.  I used scraps from some ghost canes - basically end pieces of white and translucent - chopped them up and remixed them into a block.  Then I cut very thin slices to make the window panes.

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The JR said...

It turned out great and I love hearing how you made it.

Ramona from the clay guild