Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life is the ART of Drawing without an Eraser

My mini-mosaics usually measure 4 inches square but at a recent craft show I had a customer fall in love with a specific message.  She decided to check out the rest of the booths, then come back to the ones where she wanted to purchase things.  This actually happens fairly often with shows, however with handcrafted shows, it could be a problem.  Because handcrafted items are not mass produced, you may go back to that booth that had the perfect gift item only to find out that the last one with that specific message was already sold!

Well that was the case with this customer.  Her son is an artist and the message she fell in love with was “Life is the ART of Drawing without an Eraser”.  She asked if I could do that message on a mini.  Unfortunately the stamp was too large to fit on a standard 4x4 mini, so I told her that I could make a mini that was just a little bit taller.  So the 4x5 mini was born.  I’m liking this size so I’ll be adding some of these to my line of minis.  

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The JR said...

It's beautiful. I'm betting she's tickled!