Custom State Ornaments

I love everything about Christmas from the bright lights to the soft melodies that take me back to the days when my biggest worry was what would be under the Christmas tree for me!  Things are a bit different now in my grown up world but creating beautiful things for Christmas is a joy and a pleasure.  Shown below are some of the Christmas Ornaments that I have created - primarily out of polymer clay - and have available in my Artfire and Etsy shops.  Hopefully I have the links done correctly so that if you click on the ornament name, it wil take you to the right place ;-)

State Ornaments:
Rainbow Swirls
Metallic Mokume Gane
Yellow and Purple Millifouri
Rose Millifouri on Aqua

This is one of several state ornaments that I have made in the shape of Mississippi, my home state.   These ornaments can be made in the shape of any state in the Union.

Each ornament is different and can be made in your favorite color combinations.  Once cured, the edges are covered with liquid gold (or silver) leaf , then a ribbon and bead hanger is added.

The Mississippi ornament measures approximately 3 3/4 inches long by approximately 2 inches wide.  Other state ornaments will be about the same size.

All state ornaments except Hawaii costs $10 plus shipping/handling.  Hawaii costs $12 and is on a "water" background. 

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