Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The journey begins....

I want the primary purpose of this blog to be a place where I can share my love of anything polymer clay with anybody who is interested enough to come along for the journey.

I've been a decorative artist for a lot of years – to many to count – and even turned my nose up when my mother and sister-in-law opened a ceramics shop. Hey, they said, you like to paint, why don't you come paint with us? Did I, oh no…. Would I give my right arm now to have the opportunity to do it over again? Oh yes! My mother still teases me about what I missed!

Yes, I was one of THOSE people who thought that painting inside the lines was a royal pain! Give me my freedom, let me create. Ceramics were just so limiting…

Fast forward to two years ago… I'm burned out on painting.. yes, it can actually happen! Yet I needed that creative outlet to keep me sane. I was in Hobby Lobby checking out their after Christmas sale and picked up some packages of Sculpey III in holiday colors. I had watched the polymer clay artists on tv and figured this can't be too difficult to master. After all, I was an artist, right??? WRONG!

Well, actually right and wrong… Right in that polymer clay is easy to use and fun to create with. Wrong in that I could master it… I've come a long way in two years but the main thing that I've learned is that this art medium is so versatile and so challenging that I could spend the next 20 years working with polymer clay without becoming bored with it or mastering all the possibilities. I'll be sharing more of my journey here – maybe not daily – but frequently. Come join my as I learn and clay and play.


Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Arlene! Welcome to the world of blogging! You're going to be great at this, I can tell. I'm proud to be your first follower! :)

Congratulations again, Lynda

m.e. said...

Woo Hoo! ya did it !!!
this is going to be a very good blog !!!
:) m.e.